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Your one-stop-shop for all of your vehicle’s needs here in the area. At our full-service facility, we offer a comprehensive range of auto care including everything from your vehicle’s factory-recommended maintenance to major repairs. Whether your vehicle is due for a service or you begin experiencing a strange symptom, you can trust that our professionals are here to help.

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Quality car maintenance and Repair

Building long term customer relationships based on a foundation of integrity! We are ready to serve you and your family with the best auto service in the Pearland area. We are committed to being "Our auto repair shop" for all auto maintenance and service needs.

Galaxy Automotive and Tire is a complete automotive repair and maintenance facility servicing all domestic and import vehicles including light and medium duty trucks. We offer a wide range of services from routine maintenance, state inspections, and brake service, to the most comprehensive vehicle repairs, including engine and transmission replacement.

You can entrust your car to us.

Free Shuttle Service – We will drop you off at your house or office while we are repairing your vehicle.

Free 30 Point Maintenance Inspection – Let our trained technicians look over your vehicle and determine any maintenance or repair services that might be needed to keep your vehicle safe and reliable.

Free Battery Voltage and Condition Check – We will check the voltage and condition of your battery and let you know if it needs to be replaced.

Free Tire Pressure Check – Incorrect tire pressures are dangerous and can cause poor fuel mileage.

Free Oil level and condition check – Checking the oil level and condition between oil changes is critical on today’s cars.

Free Brake System inspection – This is a wheels off inspection of your vehicle’s braking system to include, pads, rotors, shoes, master cylinder function and brake fluid quality, usually takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Free Check Engine Code Check – Check Engine Light on. Stop by and our trained technicians will pull the codes and tell you what they are. If you want us to diagnose the cause of the problem causing the code to be set and the Check Engine light turned on our trained technicians will do so for a reasonable price. See Service Writer for details.

Free Amenities - Coffee/Water, Wi-Fi, Charging Stations Available


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