Steering and Suspensions


Get help from the pros at Tire choice. Depending on your steering and suspension system, our expert technicians will check and adjust either the control arms, sway bar, the rods, bushings and ball joints. or the struts, rack and pinion limits, and CV joints as well as your wheel alignment to make sure all components are within manufacture specification if necessary. we will provide an itemized written estimate for any required or suggested repair work.


The condition of your steering and suspension system has a big impact on wheel aligment. Proper wheel alignment keeps your vehicle tracking in a straight line. When the wheels are out of alignment your car or truck can pull to one side or the other, affecting safety and handling. Minor alignment issues cause premature tire wear. but you won’t necessary notice a difference in handling. That’s why it’s important to check the alignment when you buy new tires and when your vehicle is in for service.


Unsure about your vehicle’s front end alignment? Put it to the test! It takes just a minute to find out if you need to consult with your neighborhood Tire Choice front-end specialist.

Does your car steer to the side when the steering wheel is released?

Have you replaced tires more than every 2-3 years?

Does your car bounce or sway, or lean excessively when cornering?

Does your steering wheel appear crooked?

Have you replaced springs, shocks or ball joints without realigning your car?

Have you hit a pothole or curb and it seems to have affected your car’s handling?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to schedule an appointment with the front-end pros at Galaxy Automotive Pearland and receive a free alignment estimate or inspection.