Automotive Maintenance

The company’s principal purpose is to consider a proactive and preventative way of prolonging the life span of your car or truck. Preventative maintenance can also be the absolute solution to lower the probability of larger fixes, however when the demand arises, they are always ready in order to enable you to get back to the highway smoothly and securely

When it comes to vehicle ownership there is a certain level of responsibility that involves ensuring that your car gets the attention it needs to remain in safe and reliable condition. This is called maintenance. All cars and trucks require it, but what they require and when may differ based on your make and model. Follow your scheduled auto maintenance calendar to ensure your car gets all the services it needs so that you don’t end up stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

Oil Change

The most frequent service needed by any car or truck is an oil change. This service cleans out the engine while ensuring that the moving parts inside the motor are properly lubricated. Not changing the oil will result in massive engine problems that could require an engine rebuild to fix.

30/60/90K Maintenance

Many auto maintenance services can be categorized as 30/60/90K maintenance, which are service appointments that are necessary every 30,000 miles. During these automotive check ups your car will receive diagnostics, safety checks,new filters, belts and hoses and a variety of other necessary maintenance to prevent breakdowns.

Fluid Services

Did you know your car uses a number of fluids to operate its specialty systems? From time to time these fluids need to be drained and refilled to ensure they are free of contaminants. This is called a fluid flush. At some point your car will need a coolant flush, brake fluid flush, power steering flush, transmission fluid flush and possibly a differential flush.

Transmission Service

As mentioned above your vehicle will need a transmission fluid flush, but there are other aspects of transmission service required by your car. The transmission also needs the pan removed to be cleaned, a new transmission filter or a filter cleaning and upon reinstallation, a new transmission pan gasket.

Tune Up

From time to time, you may notice your car just isn’t running as it should, yet it is between scheduled maintenance services. This may mean it is time for a tune up. A tune up usually consists of one or more smaller services to help restore drivability, such as replacing the spark plugs, installing a new battery and a variety of other affordable services.