Power Steering

If you’ve ever driven a vehicle without power steering, then you probably can appreciate just how much power steering assists you in handling your car, especially at slow speeds like when parking the car. Your car’s power steering uses a hydraulic system to amplify the small effort you put into the turning of the steering wheel so that a relatively light turn of the steering wheel is able to easily turn your car’s wheels.

The power steering system is responsible for converting a gentle force into a strong force, meaning that the system itself is usually under a great deal of stress. Additionally, any hydraulic system such as the power steering system in your car is highly pressurized and requires the fluid to be filled up and in good/clean condition in order to function at optimum levels. Periodically, the power steering system can require maintenance, especially if it’s been neglected for long periods of time. To have a better idea of how to take care of your power steering, it’s helpful to have some understanding of how it works.

  • Have your power steering fluid checked regularly.
  • Change your Power Steering Filter Yearly.
  • Keep your fluid clean by have a power steering flush performed.
  • Most issues within the power system arise because of power steering fluid leaks.